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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we?

 The Chiefs are a High School boy's lacrosse club comprised of student athletes from High School District 230 schools:  Andrew, Sandburg, and Stagg.


Who is eligible to be an athlete?

Boys have to meet all of the following requirements to be eligible to be members of the Club:

>Enrolled in a District 230 High School

>Current in all payment of dues

>Have submitted all required forms and documents including the signed Club Code of Conduct, signed IHSLA/IHSA Code of Conduct and have a current IHSA physical on file at a District 230 High School Athletic Dept.

>Have a current US Lacrosse membership number on file with the Club


What is a "club" sport?

As a "club" sport, the cost of fielding a team is supported entirely by the player fees and club fundraisers, not by the high school district.  The Chiefs Board hires coaches, establishes fee levels, and manages the program.  Fees pay the coaches' salaries, referees, transportation costs, trainers, etc.


When will the IHSA recognize lacrosse as a varsity sport?

The IHSA will sponsor the Lacrosse State Series when at least 65 boys teams and 40 girls teams agree to participate in the state series. The IHSA is currently receiving applications for  the 2014 season.  As of 9/30/2014, 56 boys teams and 39 girls teams have signed.


Will District 230 make lacrosse a varsity sport if the IHSA sanctions it?

Not necessarily.  There is no obligation for any high school to make lacrosse a varsity sport after the IHSA sanctions the sport.  It is up to the individual schools' administrators to decide whether or not to make a sport part of their school program.  It is also the decision of the schools' administrators to determine the level of support, financial or otherwise, the program gets.  It is likely that some schools will continue to have lacrosse as a "parent funded/parent run" club while other schools will migrate to "school funded/school run" programs.


What type of support does the Club receive from High School District 230?

>Use of Facilities:  After giving priority to sanctioned sports, District 230 gives us access to requested facility space.  The Club will submit a proposed 2014 schedule to the District 230 athletic directors by the end of November.  We will know by the middle of February what our field times will be.

>Yearbook:  The district schools will include the Chiefs in its yearbooks in the section related to community-based and sponsored activities.  Pictures will be taken in early February.

>Posting of Events:  The District will allow the Chiefs to post a schedule of lacrosse Club practices, informational meetings and games at all of the schools.  The Club is also permitted to have a table present at the freshman open houses, which will be manned by our players.

>Letters:  Athletes are eligible to receive letters for participating in lacrosse.

>Transcripts:  Participation in Chiefs High School Lacrosse Club will be listed on the player's official high school transcript.


What is the difference between A Class teams and B Class teams?

Just like there are eight classes in Illinois high school football, there are two classes in lacrosse.  The A class is the more competitive league and tends to be comprised of more established programs.  The B class teams tend to be newer programs.  Unlike football whose classes are based on school size and recruiting area, the lacrosse classes are determined by competitiveness.  First year programs must generally start with a JV team and must start in the B Class.  Teams may advance to the A class under two conditions: they win the Lacrosse Cup or they volunteer to move into the A Class ("win out or opt out").  The Chiefs are currently a B Class Team but plan on competing eventually in the A Class.


What teams does the Chiefs field?

In 2014 the Chiefs plan on fielding  2 teams: Varsity and Junior Varsity with a limited Frosh/Soph team for a couple games and a tournament.


What is the Chiefs schedule and in what league do the Chiefs participate?

Practice begins in early March and our game schedule will consist of approximately 18 games played from mid-March to late May.  The Chiefs compete in the South Suburban Conference which includes teams from the south suburbs: Homewood Flossmoor, Lemont, Lincoln-Way, Lockport, Minooka, and D228 (Oak Forest)

In addition to our conference teams, the Chiefs will be playing Non-Conference games in 2014 (not all levels) against: Providence Catholic, St. Laurence, St. Rita, York, Brother Rice, Mt. Carmel and Taft.

What equipment is required?

Uniforms and Equipment are the responsibility of each player.  Uniforms are purchased, at cost, thru the Club, while equipment is purchased seperartely by each player.  Required equipment includes:

>Helmet (Preferred model is the Cascade Pro 7, yellow shell, yellow visor, blue chin shield) Other color helmets are acceptable, but yellow is preferred.  The helmet must be NOCSAE approved.

>Shoulder Pads

>Arm Pad


>Stick - short pole (offense), long pole (defense), or goalie stick

>Athletic cup

>Mouth Guard with strap

>Cleats - soccer or football style but no metal cleats

For players who need to purchase equipment, Chiefs High School Lacrosse Club has paired up with Total Lacrosse.  Total Lacrosse carries a complete line of lacrosse equipment and supplies.  Please consult our link section for more information regarding Total Lacrosse.

What is the best method to stay informed on team information and scheduling?

The Web site is our primary form of communication.  The Board and Coaches will also send emails to communicate information.  It is imperative that the Board has e-mail addresses on file for both parents and their student athletes.


When do practices start and when and where are they?

Practices are scheduled to begin the beginning of March.  Practices are held Monday thru Friday at District 230 schools, principally Andrew and Sandburg.  Specifics regarding locations will be announced in February once our schedule is approved by the District 230 directors.

Practice is mandatory!

Where are games played?

All home games are played on the District 230 turf fields.  Bus transportation is provided for away games and players are required to ride the bus both ways unless the coach grants exception.

Specifics regarding game times and locations will be announced in February once our schedule is approved by the District 230 athletic directors.


What is the Athletic Code of Conduct:

Even though lacrosse is a club sport, all players are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the district.  Participation is a privilege that carries with it certain responsibilites for both students and parents.  The code applies both in and out of season.  All boys participating on the Chiefs must have a signed Modified Athletic Permission Card for the current school year on file at their respective schools prior to participating in any practice or game.  All players shall be held accountable to the Consolidated High School District 230 Activity/Athletic Code of Conduct and all of its requirements.  The Chiefs Club and its athletes are required at attend the preseason meeting to explain the Code of Conduct and ramifications for any violations thereof. 


I am a parent and I want to understand the game better.  Where do I go?

US lacrosse has a great resource that provides information on all of the basics from equipment to rules and fouls.  Check on the following link


"I paid $XXX in dues! My son is entitled to..."

The Chiefs Lacrosse Club is a competitive high school lacrosse program just like high school basketball or football or soccer.  The Chiefs is NOT a "Recreational" Lacrosse Program.  The fact that parents must pay dues for their son to participate in competitive high school lacrosse does not create "entitlements" for your son that you might expect from other "park district" or "recreational" lacrosse programs.

Your son is entitled to be treated fairly and equally with his teammates in terms of access to quality coaching and in terms of the opportunity to succeed within the context of a team sport.

Your son receives three months of outstanding coaching by men, who have been carefully chosen as the best individuals to lead our teams and who genuinely are about our lacrosse "family".

Your son also benefits from the resources needed to support the program including fields, buses, balls, goals, nets, clocks, horns, etc.

The coaches' mission is to develop our players into a team capable of winning conference and state championships.  Moreover, the coaches want to use the sport of lacrosse to help our players learn to understand and to adopt the values of preparation, planning ahead, hard work, discipline, team work and a great attitude as the core balues of having a successful lacrosse career and a successful adult life after lacrosse.