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Team Rules

2017 Chief Team Rules

As put fourth by Chiefs Coaching Staff:

1.On time means gear on and ready to go 2 minutes before start time.
2.No profanity during practice.  Push-ups doubled per violation.
3.No negative comments toward fellow teammates.
4.Negative Team Bus behavior will be discipline by suspension of game / s.
5.Only Chief practice pinnies allowed.  Shorts can be: Chiefs, Chiefs Youth, or plain solid color.
6.Game Day: white socks only.
7.Game day school attire: Button down shirt .
8.Late or missed practice:

 a)Text or call  Coach Haggerty before practice starts - school comes first - ACT prep and testing is excused.  Homework is not, you must develop time management  skills which is required throughout life.
b)If you are late with txt or call - run for number of minutes late.
c)If you are late without a txt or call - run for double minutes you are late.
d)Missed practice with txt or call - lose 1st quarter of next game.
e)Missed practice without txt or call - lose first half of next game.

9. Every Tuesday is Chief Day.  Try and wear your team colors to school!

*** You have signed the Athletic Code of Conduct to play on this team.***


Remember, when you're not practicing, someone, somewhere, is...and when you meet him: HE WILL BEAT YOU!!!